Burning System

Linking ZEN value to project growth and constant token burn proportional to collected fees.

Burning System

The value of ZEN is closely linked to the growth of the Zenit project. This is achieved through a constant burn of ZEN tokens proportional to the fees collected by the platform.

Specifically, the burn of tokens occurs according to the following formula

Amountā€…ofā€…ZENā€…burned=Totalā€…Monthlyā€…Zenitā€…Feeā€…āˆ—0.20ZENā€…priceAmount\:of\: ZEN\: burned=\frac{Total\: Monthly\: Zenit\: Fee\: * 0.20} { ZEN\: price}

The amount of ZEN burned depends on the ZEN price at the time of buyback.

The burning system will remain active until 132,000,000 tokens are burned. The remaining total supply will be 21,000,000 ZEN.

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