Treasury Fund

Discover the Zenit World Treasury Fund and how it plays a crucial role in securing and growing your assets.

Treasury Fund

Zenit World believes it is imperative to offer a Treasury Fund to address some critical problems hindering mass adoption and bring peace of mind to retail users. Zenit World will innovate through strategic partnerships with traditional and crypto insurance providers. This is a strategic approach to mitigate concerns around certain types of events.

10% of the yield generated by the entire Zenit World will be allocated to the Zenit Treasury Fund.

The purpose of the fund is to amass emergency reserves, which may be used to compensate Zenit users or third parties if one or more of the following events were to occur:

  • Loss due to a security breach

  • Hacking

  • Unauthorized access

  • Human error

  • Smart contract failures of any kind

  • Catastrophic market events

  • Regulatory actions

  • Third-party actions

  • Other known or unknown losses or events

The management and strategic composition of the treasury fund will be managed by Zenit World.

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