Stake ZEN, Earn sZEN - Zenit World's Staking Protocol for Obtaining Rewards, Tiers, and Exclusive Benefits.


ZEN holders can decide to stake their tokens to obtain sZEN, non-transferable tokens.

The amount of sZEN is proportional to the lockup period, and thus the longer the token lockup period, the more sZEN tokens are received. The amount of sZEN held, determines one's share of staking rewards and one's tier.

Staking rewards are redistributed on a monthly basis, proportionally to the amount of sZEN possessed. Monthly rewards are accumulated through:

  • Zenit Platform Fee: 25% of the fees collected into the Fee Vault.

  • Incentive Program: The total tokens within the treasury.

  • Tier: represents the tier of one's account. This depends on the amount of sZEN held and provides access to exclusive benefits and lower fees.

The amount of sZEN at the time of staking is not constant, but rather decreases linearly over time.

The amount of rewards and tiers decreases accordingly over time. Holders may decide to increase their sZEN through the purchase of new ZENs or the re-stake of rewards.

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