Copy Trading

Learn about Zenit's Copy Trading feature, enabling users to follow experienced traders and optimize their crypto investments.

Copy Trading

The copy trading feature of Zenit allows users to follow and automatically copy the trades of experienced professional traders on the platform. Essentially, users can browse through a list of successful traders, view their trading history and performance, and then choose to copy their trading operations.

Once a user has selected a trader to copy, any trades that the trader makes will be automatically shown in the user's account. This means that users can benefit from the experience and expertise of successful traders without needing to have the same level of knowledge or experience themselves.

The copy trading feature is beneficial for both novice and experienced traders. Novice traders can learn from the trading strategies of professional traders, while experienced traders can earn additional profits by allowing other users to copy their trades.

The copy trading feature of Zenit is a powerful tool that enables users to optimize cryptocurrency trading strategies, achieve better trading results, and learn from professional traders on the platform.

How to Get Started with Copy Trading

  1. Deposit Funds: Users need to deposit funds into their Zenit account to use the copy trading feature. They can deposit using cryptocurrency or fiat currency, depending on the options available.

  2. Choose a Trader: Once the user has funded their account, they can browse the list of professional traders on the platform and select a trader to copy. The list of traders includes information such as their trading history, performance, risk level and other relevant statistics.

  3. Set Copy Trading Preferences: Before activating the copy trading feature, the user needs to set the amount they want to allocate to copy trading, based on their risk tolerance level, and other preferences.

  4. Activate Copy Trading: Once the user has selected a trader and set their preferences, they can activate the copy trading feature.

  5. Track Performance: Users can track the performance of their copy trading strategy through the platform's performance-tracking tools. This allows them to monitor their profits or losses and make informed decisions about their future trading strategies.

How to Apply as a Trader Who Provides Strategy to Zenit Clients

Zenit is committed to providing users with access to the best and most experienced professional traders in the cryptocurrency market. Our team of expert traders is carefully selected and audited by our company to ensure that they meet our high standards of performance, reliability, and ethical conduct.

To become a professional trader on Zenit, candidates must undergo a rigorous selection process, which includes verification of their trading history, compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and adherence to our company's ethical standards.

Only the most qualified and experienced traders are selected to join our team, and we regularly review traders' performance and conduct to ensure they continue to meet our standards.

Professional traders on Zenit are responsible for implementing trading strategies on the platform, with the aim of achieving optimal results for themselves and their clients. They use advanced analytical tools and techniques to identify profitable opportunities in the cryptocurrency market, and are skilled at managing risk and maximizing returns.

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